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Happy Release Day to "Raven (Xian Warriors 2)" by Regine Abel!

Book Title: Raven

Author: Regine Abel

Genre: Sci-Fi Paranormal Romance

Series: Xian Warriors, Book 2

Release Date: April 16, 2019

Her beautiful mind was her own prison.

After betrayal and abuse destroyed Liena’s dreams of becoming a Psychic Operator, she warily accepts a temporary position on Khepri, the homeworld of the bioengineered Xian Warriors. With entire Warrior units getting mysteriously wiped out, she must help devise a critical antidote. But when a buck naked, sexy as sin, Xian Warrior walks into her lab, Liena's bone-deep fear of psychic contact, of touching another’s soul, doesn’t trigger with him.  The minute Raven sees Liena’s aura, he knows he has found the one. She’s broken, but he vows to fix her, and then claim her as his bonded mate. When she inadvertently sets them on the path to discovering, at long last, the human’s elusive third psychic ability, the need to mend her becomes urgent. As the strongest of her kind, she may be their only hope of saving an entire species on the verge of annihilation.

With time ticking and so many lives in the balance, will Liena overcome her trauma, or will her mind and the rescue mission descend into madness?

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