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Meet the Characters: Honda Naruhito of the Temper Saga

Sensei, thank you for seeing us today. First things first. You’re an aikido instructor. When did you start practicing?

When I was at the university. At the time, I also practiced kendo alongside Yuki before she became my wife but then dedicated myself fully to aikido after… after a series of challenging events. (frowns)

Some people call you brooding, hard and difficult, but there must be something that makes you happy?

And who would have told you that? Yuki’s father, maybe? His lack of respect is truly confounding! It is true I have no patience for levity and foolishness. But watching my wife prepare green tea with her graceful and precise gestures, or seeing her practice kendo brings me peace and satisfaction. You can call it happiness if you want. (grimaces)

Yuki san’s well-being seems so important to you… Is this why you have always respected her identity and allowed her to keep female lovers?

Careful here, you are treading in very private waters. Ensuring Yuki’s health, happiness and complete satisfaction are my top priorities. Everything I do, all my decisions are made with this goal firmly in mind. She is precious and must be protected.

What about Lana?

What about her?

Well, she lives with you, shares your bed, you must certainly care for her, too?

You truly have no respect for privacy! Lana san is my disciple. We are bound by traditional oaths, rooted in old samurai traditions. Yes, there is care, but only because there is loyalty, respect and obedience. Tender emotions have no place between us, and Lana san understands that.

But why pick her?

(frowns and grunts) My reasons are mine and none of your business! The only thing I will say is that I chose the strongest person I knew, able to meet my rigorous demands at all levels.


Yes. Man or woman, it doesn’t matter. Only dutiful obedience and respect.

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