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Meet the Characters: Honda Yuki of the Temper Saga

Honda san, thank you for your time.

Oh, call me Yuki please. (warm smile)

Ah, thank you. Yuki san, it’s really good to meet you. So, tell me, you have welcomed Lana in your home. Not every spouse would have done it. What motivated you?

Well, first of all, my duty as a wife is to make sure my husband’s needs are met. I saw right away Lana’s positive impact on his mood and health. It was hard for me to see him… struggle so hard in the recent years. I regret I was unable to help him more, but at least he found his solution. And then, Lana san is such a wonderful woman. I was impressed with her strength and personality from the first time we met. She actually confronted me straight on, it was delicious! I couldn’t let this chance pass, and I’m so glad I did.

So you are utterly devoted to your husband… In this day and age, it sounds… a bit old-fashioned.

Our families have a long and established history, going back centuries. We are raised and educated with specific rules in mind. I defer to my husband and look after his needs because such is my duty.

Still, your couple is quite special, because you are… very open when it comes to personal relationships, right?

You are correct. Our marriage was arranged and is based on high-stake politics. It is firmly grounded in traditions and mutual respect. But it’s precisely out of respect that we decided early on we would have the right to pursue our… interests as long as we were transparent about it. And look at us now! We have never been more satisfied than since Lana san joined our home. (smiles)

You don’t mind what they do without you?

(frowns) I admit I’m sometimes a bit concerned for their safety, especially Lana’s. She is incredibly resilient and strong, but sometimes my husband can be… very demanding. Thankfully, he enforces her limits strictly. Still, now and then I wonder at the… dark energies that drive them.

Dark… energies? What do you mean?

(short head shake) I have said too much. This not my place to comment. Please respect our privacy.

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