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Meet the Characters: Lana Martin of the Temper Saga

Lana, hello, great to have you with us. So, what brought you, an Italian-Canadian woman, to Japan?

Well, my company dispatched me from Hong Kong to Tokyo around three years ago, but it was actually at my request. Ever since I was a teenager I wanted to come here. I’ve learned Japanese watching samurai drama on old VHS tapes! (laugh). I’ve always felt drawn to this country and culture, so I couldn’t wait! But what really made the difference is that they also approved my best friend Gabriella’s request. It meant the world to us to be again in the same city, after so many years living in different parts of the world.

Samurai drama? That’s why you practice a martial art - aikido, right?

Maybe? I mean, those tough, fearless guys who rush into battle without batting an eye are really something, aren’t they? But above all, I needed to do something with my energy and… well, you can say I’m not the easiest woman around. I don’t know if it’s my Italian roots or simply my low tolerance for sloppy work, but I rarely end my work day without feeling as if I could punch someone. It doesn't help my heart burns! Aikido is perfect for me. I get to throw people but also it forces me to relax and not rely on my strength. Oh and also self-discipline. I got to learn a lot of that.

It’s something your sensei insists on, isn’t it? And is this what… made you attracted to him?

Honda sensei is indeed a stickler for discipline, and nobody gets a free pass in his dojo. But for the rest, I don’t want to talk about my private life. If I do, it’s not only Honda sama who will get my head, but also Yuki sama... (grimaces)

Oh but this is what our readers want to hear about! The three of you, it’s something quite special. Can you at least tell us how why you accepted his proposal? Was it love at first sight?

Certainly not! You can say that sparkles flew alright, but ‘super annoyance’ at first sight would be more appropriate. He was frustrated with my lack of respect, and I was… exasperated with his domineering attitude. He challenged me and I guess I lost my bet. You know, we aren’t lovers. Our relationship is more like a form of special physical training. I’d recommend you don’t use this word with him, he’d walk out of this room right away.

But what about Yuki san? Is she part of this… training, too?

Not really. When we are with her, we… keep it under a certain form of control. Yuki sama accepts and supports my role and place in her husband’s life, and I have to say that it is really enjoyable and enlightening to be in her care, too. It took me some time to accept it though, because being number two isn’t something I usually handle well. But you know, Yuki sama is someone truly special. Not just her incredible passion; her compassion and inner strength, too. (smiles) A real queen!

So you have a very flexible and open view on sex, right?

(laughs) I’d never thought I would, but yes, living with Honda sama and Yuki sama has taught me a lot about myself. It certainly hits places inside me I never knew existed. I wonder where these needs and this passion come from, actually. Before meeting Honda sama, I would never have seen myself doing many of those things. He’s truly awoken something inside me that’s even a bit scary sometimes, because it’s so intense! She… (trails off and sighs). She is… good to me. Good for me.

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