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Notes from 'Round the Bend has a new home and a new look!

Hi guys, and thanks for following us from the old site! We're pleased to welcome you and hope you'll enjoy the shiny new digs. (Although, to be honest, besides the new URL and the facelift, Notes from 'Round the Bend will be the same review blog you know and love.) We know things are a little...bare right now, but that will be changing soon! So feel free to look around, kick your shoes off, and get comfy...just try not to leave too many crumbs in the couch, ok? We're still making payments on that thing.

Oh, and a quick note on the last post: We've decided that, instead of trying to navigate the nightmare of migrating hundreds of posts from the old site (Wix, unfortunatley, does NOT have a way of doing that), we're posting them to Goodreads and starting fresh over here.

The process for requesting reviews hasn't changed, and we'll still post new reviews to all the usual places (Amazon, Goodreads, and Audible when applicable). If you have a book you'd like reviewed, submit it through this form.

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