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"The Mistwalker" by Regine Abel

Book Title: The Mistwalker

Author: Regine Abel

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Series: Dark Tales Book 2 (standalone)

To be loved by a shadow in the Mist.

Every month, for three days, a mysterious fog filled with demonic creatures swallows the world. Since its first appearance a decade ago, I’ve diligently secured my home against the danger. Today, my sister’s negligence has allowed something in. A Mistwalker. A part of him now resides inside of me, his brand on my chest a constant reminder of his presence. He terrifies me and threatens to derail the life I’ve been building. And yet, a part of me is drawn to him…

I walked two worlds to be with her.

For years, I have lurked in the Mist, lying in wait for the opportunity to get to my fiery Jade. Now that humans have torn the Veil, nothing will keep me from crossing into the Mortal Plane to claim her. She’s my mate. I will not allow her to hide from the truth she knows deep within her but fears to acknowledge. I was made for her. I am her greatest wish.

Signed Paperback + Swag + $25 Amazon Gift Card

**I received a free copy in exchange for my honest review.**

While I wasn't a huge fan of Ms. Abel's last two offerings ("Legion" and “Iced”), I've thoroughly enjoyed her other work—especially her Dark Tales. So, when given the chance to read an ARC of "The Mistwalker" I jumped on it. I'm glad I did, because it was everything I’ve come to know and expect from this author!

I'm a little ashamed to admit that I almost DNF'd this one when Kazan was introduced. I'm not a huge fan of the competing-love-interest thing (more so lately, for some reason), which I thought this was going to be.... It's not, and once I figured out who/what Kazan was, I was all about it. He’s a fabulous character with depth and dimension and appeal for days. We’re given a detailed enough description of him that he’s easy to picture, but not so many minute details that the reader’s imagination is thwarted. And sure, he’s a little…obsessive, but not in a turn-off, creeper kind of way. Jade was completely in keeping with Ms. Abel’s history of badass female leads—spunky, fierce, with just enough vulnerable humanity and flaws to make her feel real. Her love for her sister Laura and how that relationship started the story added a level of color to Jade that would have been lacking if all we’d seen were her interactions with Kazan.

As a couple, it was fascinating to watch Jade and Kazan evolve, and it was nice to see them grow closer around painting and art rather than just a fated-to-be-together-so-they-have-to-fall-in-love trope. The initiation of their romance was swift, but the build to its realization was slow and tempting and utterly enthralling. Ms. Abel knows how to write her romance, and it’s one of the reasons I adore her work. “The Mistwalker” was no exception. Seriously, have a fan and a glass of ice water handy, because you’re gonna need it once Kazan gets started.

And before you start to think that this story was all steamy romance and electric chemistry between the otherworldly and the human, let me assure you that Ms. Abel DOES NOT skimp on the world-building or conflict. The concept of the Mist and what lurks within was both creepy and fascinating. There’s a level of terrifying-yet-intriguing mystery to it that made me totally relate to the curious humans who walked into it. And, as one would expect with something as unexplainable as the Mist, the Men in Black (aka the government suit types) are right in the middle.

“The Mistwalker” was cleanly edited (I think I only spotted one or two typos and they weren’t egregious ones), which is something I always appreciate as a reader. Ms. Abel’s writing style flows beautifully, and she strikes a great balance between scene-setting and moving the plot along at a pace that keeps her reader engaged. As with her other work, this story switches perspective between characters, and there’s very little—if any—perspective muddling/head-jumping.

Bottom line: This story was unique and beautiful, with excellent characters and a well-paced plot. I highly recommend “The Mistwalker” to fans of urban romantic fantasy, and to anyone who has enjoyed Ms. Abel’s other stories.

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